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Nowadays, when I watch the TV news, I became very sad. The european unione as we has known are dying.

While all things was going fine, the theater of Bruxelles has shown the United Europe’s comedy. But when something was started to go bad, the european istitutions has put their head under the sand. And today they are continuing to hide the truth to they self.

I wish to think that the economic crisis is too big to manage, that our politicians are unable to resolve it because they need the help of USA, China, Russia and other country of G8. But I am too old to belive to tales and I have to believe that interests of single european countries prevail on the continental interests.

Who are reading me could think that I am not freely thinking because I am italian. But I can reply that I agree that we italians have most of the guilt of crisis in my country. But I think also that if we european don’t give an hand to our self then the dead of European Union is right.If the french had not give their support to the english colonies, the United States of America would never born.

It’s very stupid to continue to make silent war to our self on milk quotas, on DOC trademarks and other things that are limited for the common good. It’s more coherent remain a single country and continue the battle leaving to the market to choice.

I don’t know what could happen in the future, but I think that today the European Union have to choice. Or will born the United States of Europe with a heavy integration of all european countries or we have to came back to the single countries. We can’t wait anymore because the markets are deciding for us.

I also ask to our italian politics to leave their chairs and leave to the new generations to decide our future. Berlusconi remain to home with your girls. Bersani go to growth your nephews. Casini, Vendola, Di Pietro and others friends, please leave us to breathe fresh air. Maybe that without you the agency give us the right rating.

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